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Located in the heart of the Americas, Guatemala is a beautiful country filled with a unique blend of natural and cultural riches.

From the ancient Mayan ruins in the northern jungles of Tikal to the beachside mangroves in Monterico, the crater lagoons in eastern Chiquimula and the picturesque highlands in western Huehuetenango, Guatemala is a country of diversity and beauty.


Photos by Juan Carlos Lemus Dahinten

The country's green mountains, deep valleys and ancientv olcanoes -some of which are still active today‐ have formed ecologically distinct coffee-growing regions. Where small to medium sized producers continue to process their coffee in the traditional way, fermenting in tanks and sun‐drying on patios. Ensuring that Guatemala's highly recognized quality continues into the future.

Coffee throughout the country is shade-grown providing protection not only for coffee plants, but also a host of environmental services such as oxygen generation, carbon fixation, nutrient cycling and refuge for migratory birds. Guatemala's coffee therefore plays an important role not only generating income but also protecting the environment.