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Guatemalan coffee always has been washed coffee, thus almost all coffee will be pulped, fermented, washed and dried in wet mills. This may be one of the "secrets" which originate the extraordinary coffee quality of Guatemalan coffees.



The most delectating process within the coffee production is the wet process. Experience and intuition are required to produce quality coffee, since you may ruin all the work which was done on the field, from planting to picking, if you do not take care of the coffee within the fermentation and drying process.



Our main business currently in the local market is to purchase parchment coffee and to process them to green coffee, thus a while ago we retired from the cherry coffee business.

Nevertheless, our Wet Mill, Santo Domingo, is managed by an individual supplier of us. Santo Domingo is located in a beautiful region in the northern Guatemala, Alta Verapaz. The scenery is embossed by wonderful mountains and green rainforest; here is also where the national bird "Quetzal" is home.

Otherwise, we participate in the coordination of the operations of the wet mills for Tropical Farm Management Guatemala within the country.