Group Companies


A business is good when every party involved stands to gain from it. Like all sister companies of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe we make an effort to contribute to the positive developments of society and environment at large.

The non-profit organization Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung -founded by Michael R. Neumann and his family- is conducting coffee related development projects on an international level. In practical terms, this is done by helping to foster sustainable farming at small-holder level: Small holders receive guidance and know-now on agriculture, organization and marketing of their improved products.





We at Sertinsa actively participate in this global activity by supporting the farmer's endeavors to sell their sustainable coffees. In doing so, we recognize the higher value of their products and help generate appreciation for their activities. In Guatemala, there are a number of specific areas where those high-level projects are undertaken:.

  • Tucurú
  • Atitlán
  • Trifino
  • Huehuetenango

For more information on project activities please visit www.hrnstiftung.org .